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Manami Item Number: 7616
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Intro:Inspired by the love and passion of Japanese Kimono fabrics, cherry blossoms, Manami is created by Fonny Meilia. It is a Melbourne based designer handbag company, specialising in handbags using Kimono fabrics, featuring vintage silk bags, cotton everyday bags, and coin purses. The designs are very individual, contemporary, stylish & practical. The flower prints and colour of Kimono fabrics are timeless, exquisite and eye catching. Each bag is handcrafted and fabric are cut individually. The materials used are high quality sikl, cotton and leather. They are suitable for everyday wear and travelling, fitted with extendable straps.
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Website: http://www.manami.com.au/ Email:
Address: 1001/31 Spring Street Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia Area(Reference):Australia
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