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Abyss Stainless Steel Pty Ltd Item Number: 10461
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Intro:Experts in Stainless Steel Fabrication & Commercial Catering Equipment
Our experienced in-house designers are specialised in all areas of the food service and hospitality sector.

About Abyss Stainless Steel

ABYSS sets new standards in the fit out of commercial kitchens with endless possibilities to suit your exact requirements and always keeping your budget in mind.

From coffee shops, chic cafés, bars, restaurants and institutional commercial kitchens, we offer a vast choice of solutions for all your catering equipment needs.

With over 20 years experience we know you have the highest expectations, that is why we pride ourselves on lasting customer satisfaction in professional design, fabrication and installation.
Contact Person: Phone:
Website: http://www.abyssequip.com.au Email:
Address: Port Melbourne VIC 3207 Area(Reference):Australia
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