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Mariljohn Pty Ltd Item Number: 10409
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Intro:Commercial Kitchen Design, Free Quotation, www.mariljohn.com.au
Designing, constructing/installing commercial kitchen & bars, cooking equipment, s/s benching, refrigeration & exhaust canopies.
Whether it be designing, constructing or installing commercial kitchens and bars, Mariljohn has a clear industry-wide understanding of the changing kitchen designs, styles and trends of the industry.

We are experienced in providing commercial cooking equipment, stainless steel benching, commercial refrigeration and exhaust canopies that not only meet industry standards but exceed them. With a personalised team at your disposal, we provide the same attention to detail to our work as we do to our customers.

Mariljohn began as a family business in 1981 and has remained as one today. Founded in Melbourne’s North Eastern suburbs, our reputation and business as commercial kitchens' specialists has expanded throughout Australia. With over 30 years experience in an ever changing industry demanding continuous improvements in commercial kitchen designs and cooking equipment, our name is synonymous with commercial kitchens; as is our high quality products and excellent service.

While our business have people with a broad range of talent and experience at its disposal who take great pride in what they do, our expertise is in commercial kitchen designs, consultation and installation – whether it is the smallest job or single item to a complete commercial kitchen/bar. For new businesses or those wanting to expand, Mariljohn understands what is needed to succeed in a highly competitive industry, and knows how to provide the framework in getting you there.
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Website: www.mariljohn.com.au Email:
Address: 7 Scholar Dr, Bundoora VIC 3083 Area(Reference):Australia
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