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International Magnetic Solutions Item Number: 10225
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Intro:International Magnetic Solutions - Your best source for magnets and magnetic products in Australia and the World

We do know Magnets !

Solving challenges worldwide through the creative application of magnet technology.

International Magnetic Solutions Pty. Ltd. (IMS) is a global company that primarily designs, manufactures and develops complete magnetic solutions & products within the Education, Industrial and Commercial disciplines. We also manufacture and sell other magnet accessories and have a strong Global presence within what has become a huge import/export market.

We manufacture and supply a very diverse range of permanent Magnets.

There are many shapes, sizes and types of magnet products, some of which are:-

Magnets made of an alloy of Neodymium Iron and Boron.
Flexible Magnetic Products.
Magnetic Mining Products and Equipment.
Bonded rare earth magnets.
SmCo Magnets
AlNiCo Magnets.
Soft Ferrite Products
Bonded Ferrite Products.
Magnetic Systems
Lifting Magnets
Concrete Industry Systems
Magnetic Coupling Assemblies
Ceramic Magnets
Contact Person: . Phone:
Website: http://www.imsolution.com.au/ Email:
Address: Unit 1/ 12 Jura St, Heatherbrae NSW 2324 Area(Reference):Australia
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