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Actrol Parts Item Number: 10154
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Intro:Since its humble beginnings in the 1930's Actrol has evolved to be the leading independent supplier to the refrigeration, air conditioning and allied industries in Australia. Actrol's history demonstrates that stability and long term relationships are key to its success today.

During the 1930's, new refrigeration and air conditioning units were being invented and the first sealed refrigeration unit was manufactured. By the end of the 1930's almost 100% of Australian households had some form of refrigeration and the air-conditioning era had begun. In this climate a store owner in Brisbane, Mr. Phillip H. Phillips branched into the supply of refrigeration and air conditioning parts.

Phillips' companies flourished, due largely to their emphasis on customer service, reliability and expertise. Rapid market expansion led Ray Inns of Adelaide and Jeff Reidy of Melbourne to consider establishing a national network of independent dealerships. In 1955 R.E. Inns Ltd. opened in Adelaide (with Phillips and Reidy's support) followed in 1961 by J.F.Reidy's Pty. Ltd. in Melbourne. The Phillips, Inns and Reidy union firmly established the group of independent wholesalers. 1965 saw Joe Doyle Pty. Ltd. open in Sydney. Nation-wide status followed in 1970 via acquisition of both Hobart and Perth businesses.
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Address: Unit 4/ 305 Manns Rd, Gosford NSW 2250 Area(Reference):Australia
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