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Themis Commercial Food Equipment Item Number: 10137
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Intro:Themis Commercial Food Equipment (est.1987) is one of the most respected catering equipment distributors on the NSW South Coast. We’re a family owned business who provides fast, reliable and professional service to all our customers. Over the years we have grown into one of the largest suppliers of new & used equipment by selling not only the products our customers require but offering the hands-on technical advice when needed.

When you are spending money on effective catering equipment, you need to know that you can trust your equipment supplier, not only to buy at reasonably cheap prices but to get the right equipment with minimal disruption to your business. Our enthusiastic staff has several years experience within the hospitality industry, we can offer a vast range of essential products from catering & bakery equipment to the finer details such as tableware & kitchenware.

A quick enquiry to Themis Commercial Food Equipment is the simplest way to get the right equipment you desire, just let us know the nature of your business and we will suggest the perfect solution for you.
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Website: http://www.themis.com.au Email:
Address: 47 Montague St, North Wollongong NSW 2500 Area(Reference):Australia
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